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      "Straight lines symbolize infinity, curves limit creation. And colors can make people cry."-Carlos Capa

      The end of the dream is white freedom! Find a space, throw the surrounding things behind, and build the co-growth of people and space. Life is a private emotion, returning to nature, but also tolerating the emotions of Vientiane. The ultimate after restraint is freedom. Emotion is the art of life, and space carries life. Perhaps it is a big laugh. The space has expressions and three-dimensional senses, perceiving time and placing emotions in a variety of ways. In the square inch of space, if you don't pay attention to walking a few steps, the "signals" he carefully "planned" will pass. So I had to stop, or turn back, for fear that the things he was about to say would slip away inadvertently in minutes. Pursuing the absolute realm of the unity of man and god, which is known as "pure abstraction" as we know it today. It worships the beauty of straight lines and contemplates the inner peace of everything. We instinctively look for the resonance between concrete things and abstract emotions, and to the depths of our hearts, it is spiritual introspection, elegant and calm, peaceful and far-reaching.


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